Monday, 6 July 2015

MGA Twin Cam

There were three stands for MG enthusiasts at the Northern Classic Car Show at Belle Vue, Manchester in September 1986, the MG Car Club Ltd, the MG Owners' Club and the MG Octagon Car Club. It seems from the insignia on the umbrella behind the car that this photograph was taken at the MG Car Club stand.
It's an MGA Twin Cam, and you can read about the Twin Cam in this piece by the MG Owners' Club. The brochure of the 1986 Northern Classic Car Show said this about the MG Car Club Ltd:

'MG Car Club Ltd
The MG Car Club was founded in 1930 at the factory in Abingdon, it catered for the enthusiasts at the time who raced their cars. Today of course it caters for everyone who likes MG's. The magazine 'Safely Fast' began then as well, and is now still the club's magazine. The club spans 56 years of MG's from the very early Midgets to the saloon Metro, Maestro and Montego's of today, on our stand we hope to reflect this age. There will be a supercharged 'Y' type to look at and a ZB Magnette. More modern machines like the Metro Turbo and 6R4 rally car will be on display. There will also be a jubilee edition Midget, the only one ever built. To get back to the racing scene there will be a race prepared MGA.

As I said before the club caters for all the MG's. And all aspects of MG's. So come and see us on stand A19. For further information, contact Pat Stoot, The MG Car Club Ltd, PO Box251, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7AT'

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